Winostress capsule 10

Winostress capsule 10

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For Adaptogenic and Antistress activity: Stress has become a major killer owing to cardiac problem, 
hypertensions and other lifestyle diseases. To combat Stress and with adaptogenic & immunodu-latory 
properties for effective anti stress activity. (One of our best sellers in India in ethical range, also awarded 
a Certificate of Excellence by a jury of doctors at Pune Conference)
Each capsule contains aqueous semisolid concentrated extract Ashwagandha - (Withania Somnifera), 
Bramhi (Bacopa Monnieri), Jatamansi (Nardostaychys Jatamansi)
• Adoptogenic, Alterative, Rejuvenative, Muscle relaxant Tonic 
• Helps in combat exertion & disturbed sleep.
• Boosts immunity & stamina. 
• Helps to overcome day to day stress 
• Useful in Memory - Disturbances due to stress, Attention,Concentration,Brain fatigue, Stress 
Behavioral Disorders due to stress, Hyper kinetic state, Aggressive behavior, Asocial behavior, 
Psychological - Problems,Anxiety, Depressio, Irritation, Nervous debility,Vertigo, Lethargy 
• A synergistic blend of herbs in it increases resiliency of the neuromuscular system, allowing stress to 
come & go without taking a toll on the body. 
• Ashwagandha & Bramhi helps improve individual's ability to handle physical & mental emotional 
• Jatamansi in it known to calm mind & nerves & has a efficacy to relieve the stress problems related to 
menopause & relieves muscle ache / cramps related to stress. 
• Housewife, working men / women working in stressful working atmosphere, students, people & 
elderly with their bouts of forgetfulness benefits from the daily use of stress. 
• Instills confidence, prevents anxiety & nervousness. Helps to adopt to changing environment in day to 
day life. 
1-2 capsules twice a day with water preferably with milk. 

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