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Arthrodol tablet

DetailsInnovative management for Musculo skeletal DisordersThe conventional therapy with NSAIDs gene..


Collasyn tablet

Revolutionary concept for All cardiovascular and Ageing complications.ActionCollasyn is an Arjuna ba..


Diapal tablet 10*3

Multi dimensional solution for DiabeticsActionProtects the beta cells of Langerhans.Sensitizes tissu..


Enteropan capsule

Innovative solution in all Gastrointestinal disordersIBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is a growing con..


Gynocare syrup 200ml + capsule 3*10

Boon to blossoming woman hoodHormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyle, Obesity, improper food habits ..


Pentaphyte p-5 capsule / syp / cream

Nature’s stunning power against resistant infection.Growing incidences of Resistant infections large..


Pephep capsule

Peps and protects the liverIncreased stress levels, increased cases of T.B patients, etc leads to in..


Pneumonorm capsule / syrup

Multi action BronchodilatorIncreased pollution, smoking, etc Recurrent cough/cold leads to low ..


Rejuspermin capsule

Key to the challenges of ManhoodLow sperm count and less sperm motility are seen on a rise leading t..


Sujat capsule

Blooming motherhood and healthy baby(Ideal Nutritional Supplement during Pregnancy)SUJAT is a prophy..


Torchnil capsule

Nature’s Gift for Safe MotherhoodRecurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) is a growing concern. Unknown etiolo..