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Hempushpa : Benefits & Side Effects

Hempushpa is a completely natural Ayurvedic tonic meant to cure a number of body ailments. From blood purification, hormonal imbalance to menstrual disorders it is practically known to heal almost all physical and mental disorders that a women faces throughout her life.

Hempushpa syrup can also be a used as a health tonic by women who are not suffering from any problems but are physically weak, underweight or skinny. It provides complete nourishment to the body and improves healthy weight.

Hempushpa Review - Benefits, Side Effects

Hempushpa Review – Benefits, Side Effects

Hempushpa Ingredients

The product is composed of many natural, herbal and plant extracts which are mentioned as follows :

  • Lodhra
  • Manjistha
  • Anantamul
  • Bala
  • Gokhru
  • Shankhpushpi
  • Musali
  • Punarnava
  • Asgandha
  • Bach
  • Dhaiful
  • Daruhaldi
  • Gambhari
  • Nagarmotha
  • Shatavari

Let’s dig deeper and find out what are the various advantages of using Hempushpa syrup.

Hempushpa Health Benefits

1) Heals urinary problems : Issues like frequent urination, burning sensation during urination or dark colored urine can be healed so easily using Hempushpa. Also, it betters your kidney function which normalizes your urine routine.

2) Healthy weight gain : Those women who are underweight, looks skinny and are unable to gain weight using many ways, then this syrup could be a life changer for them. Frequent use of the syrup can provide them a healthy weight according to their heights. It provides all the required nutrition from diuretic properties of various plant extracts.

3) Gastric problems : Temporary gas problems can be cured easily but some women faces permanent gas problems in their stomach. It is to be believed that this syrup have significant effect over the Gastro and intestinal disorders.

4) Treats Hormonal imbalance : Every women at certain time in their lives faces this disorder of hormonal imbalance that gives them acne, stress, unwanted hair growth, persistent weight gain, low libido, insomnia, digestion problems etc. Hempushpa works as a great remedy for hormonal imbalance and eradicates all these disorders.

5) Regularize menstrual Periods : A lot of women happen to have irregular periodspain during periodstoo much bleeding during periods all of these issues are termed as menstrual disorders. The product works efficiently on them.

6) Heals Menopausal syndrome : Well, this is something a women can never run away from. At certain age, the body of a women stops producing eggs and the body produces less estrogen and progesterone. This leads to many problems in the body like body ache, back ache but the syrup works just fine on them.

7) Health for pregnant ladies : It is completely safe to use by a pregnant lady. Women faces lots of issues while they are pregnant for eg : weakness, constipation, weak digestion and all. Daily use of this syrup can help them fight those issues.

Any Side Effects :

  • Too much weight gain : It is noted in a few reports that, more frequent use of the syrup can leads to overmuch weight gain in women. It is due to the diuretic properties and haemostatic and astringent action by jave plants that causes water retention and weight gain.

How to Avoid this Side effect :

Well, that is pretty easy to achieve. One has to indulge in daily exercise routines that will not let water to retain in the body and it will be absorbed quickly by the heat thus formed.

How use Hempushpa (Dosage) : 

  • One has to take a total of 14 ml in a day.
  • It is being followed by two dosage of 7 ml each.
  • One has to be taken early in the morning and the other during night before sleeping.
  • It is recommend to take the syrup after eating something (Not empty stomach).

Can Hempushpa be taken During Pregnancy ?

Well, Hempushpa is one syrup that is a good to go for women across all ages specially in pregnancy. The period of pregnancy is considered one of the toughest period in a women lifetime. There are many problems that a pregnant women faces which are almost unavoidable like constipation, mood swings, low appetite, back pain, morning sickness, fatigue etc.

To deal with all these issues, Hempushpa provides you some really useful herbs that are known to deal with these problems. You may get relief from most of your discomforts during the course pregnancy. In case, you’re still not over them you are always free to visit your doctor.

Hempushpa During Periods ?

One common issue with women is that they suffer a lot of pain during their periods. Sometimes the pain is so high that it becomes unbearable, and they use painkillers. Regular dose of hempushpa not only heals the pain you are going through but also makes you strong enough to bear the pain during coming periods.

No need to quit using the syrup when you are on periods in case you are doubtful. Regular usage will ensure you better results for sure.

There comes a time in a woman’s life when the menstrual cycle ends that is called menopause, and that gives rise to a few more problems. But, you can still use the syrup on a daily basis and you may have a better and healthy life.

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