Flashpan Capsule 30 Caps upto 20 % off Pink Health

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Flashpan Capsule 30 Caps upto 20 % off Pink Health

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Flashpan capsules are an effective remedy against piles and chronic constipation. These capsules effectively treat renal disorders and help you get rid of uric acid inflammation and infection. This is an ayurvedic composition containing neem, jimi kand, yashtimadhu and haritali. It has the goodness of aloe vera and pearl oyster. These herbs helps treat piles and even improves you digestive system. No more pain or burning sensation. With Flashpan capsule get relief from piles, fissures and fistula. It is formulated to help you get rid of bleeding and painful experience during piles. It is a laxative medicine to relief pain and provides a smoother bowel movement and excretion. Fight all your renal and digestive disorders with the formulation without undergoing painful procedures.

Uses and benefits of Flashpan capsule:

Flashpan capsule can be used to treat multiple renal and urinary disorders, especially piles. Here are certain reasons this medication is used for:

  • This capsule is a full efficient treatment to cure piles without undergoing painful process of operations and surgery.
  • Flashpan capsule effectively removes lumps and stops bleeding due to piles.
  • It helps eradicate piles pain, swelling, itching and burning sensation.
  • it is helpful in easing out constipation and related gastric disorders.
  • It’s easy dosage helps you deal with uric acid afflictions and infections.
  • Piles are found to reoccur if not treated well, Flashpan capsule helps eradicate any sign of reoccurrence of piles if taken complete treatment and dose.
  • Flashpan capsule also treats bloating, upset stomach and convulsions due to piles.

Composition and dosage of Flashpan capsule:

Flashpan capsule is formulated with medicinal parts of herbs of Triphala, azadirachta indica, zingiber officinale, mesua ferrea, and cassia fistule to effectively treat piles and its associated symptoms and help avoid reoccurrence of piles. For grade I and grade II patients take minimum single dose of 1 capsule twice in a day for 1 month and after that 1 capsule per day for next 6 weeks. For grade III and grade IV patients take 2 capsules twice a day and then 1 capsule per day for next 6 weeks this would eradicate all possible causes and chances of reoccurrence of piles. For post operative patients take 1 capsule every day. Over dose or misuse of capsule is highly critiqued and prohibited.

Diet required to be followed along with use of Flashpan capsule:

When using Flashpan capsule take a diet rich in fibers, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating anything that is fried or oily. Drink lukewarm water empty stomach in the morning. Exercise to help relieve pressure around the anus. Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol.

Cautions and contraindications:

  • Consult a doctor for any allergy or sensitivity to any herb used in the formulation of Flashpan capsule.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies are advised to consult a doctor before taking the medication.
  • Monitor blood glucose level regularly before and during medication period.

Nopile capsule might interact with azathioprine, basilximab, glimepiride or insulin, hence get medical assistance.



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