Skin Ailments

Skin Ailments


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Remedy for skin diseases. Ingredients:Shuddha Hingul, Kasis Bhasma, Neem, Manjishtha, Sariva, S..


Chandan bala lakshadi taila

Ayurvedic Oil for body massage. Ingredients: Raktachandan, Chikanmoola, Aushadhi Lakh, Chandan, Jesh..


Evenshade cream

INDICATIONSTan or dark skin discolorationPatchy brown or dark brown skin discolorationHyper-pigmenta..


Femiplex gel

INDICATIONSVaginitis (Infections of vaginal region)Prevention of postoperative vaginal infectionLeuc..


Gandhak rasayan 40tablets

Indicated in (Kushta) skin diseases, colic, diabetes, loss of appetite, scabies, piles, rheumatism &..


Imupsora oil

INDICATIONSIn severe symptoms during intermittent flare-upsTo improve the cosmetic appearance of les..


Imupsora tablet

INDICATIONSIn Chronic Plaque psoriasis:To prolong ongoing remissionTo promote regression of lesionsT..


Miniscar cream

INDICATIONSScars resulting due to burns, injuries, acne, post surgery etcStretch marks during pregna..


Moha soap

INDICATIONSPersonal sanitationAcneBlemishes, prickly heat and other skin ailmentsDermatitisPRODUCT D..


Neem oil 50 ml

Neem Ka Taila Active Ingredients NEEM Therapeutic Use STIMULANT, ANTISEPTIC, LEPROSY, ULCER, ECZ..


Nirgundi oil 60ml

Ingredients:Kaliharimool,Nirgundi Swa - ras, Til Oil.Indication: Effective in wounds and other aff..


Pigmento ointment

INDICATIONVitiligoAcquired white patchesPIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo. Immunologic..


Pigmento tablets

INDICATIONVitiligo.Acquired white patches.PIGMENTO is a comprehensive therapy in vitiligo. Immunolog..


Sarivadyasav 200ml

Sariwadyasava Active Ingredients Sariva, Patha, Giloy, Kachur, Lodha, Bat Chhal, Pipal Chhal, Padmak..


Skinelle cream

INDICATIONS:Adolescent’s acne vulgarisPre-menstrual acneSKINELLE is natural comedolytic and antimicr..