Chyavanprash with makardhwaj

Chyavanprash with makardhwaj

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ingredients: Chyvanprashavleha (which contains pulp of fresh amala fruit, herbal extracts, ghee, sugar etc), makardhwaj, abhrak bhasma, trivang bhasma, vansalochan etc. Properties: Chyavanprahavleha was formulated by Chyavan rishi as conqueror of old age. It is semisolid preparation of amla, ghee, sugar and herbal extracts. It is to be licked and swallowed slowly. It contains fresh amla which is a wonderful gift of nature with abundant quantity of Vit.C. Amala pulp is processed with decoction of herbs, then fried in cow’s ghee and finally mixed with sugar. Arkashala introduced the concept of incorporating ‘Makardhwaj’ in chyavanprash to fortify its actions. It is prepared from mercury and sulphur in presence of gold. Abhrak bhasma is stimulating to nervous system, increases immunity and restores vigour. Trivang bhasma is beneficial to genitourinary system. It is also effective in treatment of tuberculosis, heart disease and repeated respiratory infections.

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